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Axflow is a collection of modules for building robust natural language powered applications. These modules can be adopted incrementally, thus providing a modular and scalable end-to-end solution. Used together, they form an end-to-end framework for developing AI applications.


@axflow/models is out of beta! Try it today


Axflow aspires to deconstruct the complex paradigms of working with LLMs into manageable and intuitive components. Our library takes a code-first approach, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and control for developers. As a foundational framework, Axflow empowers developers to build higher-level TypeScript AI features and products seamlessly.


  • @axflow/models: Zero-dependency, modular SDK for building robust natural language applications. Includes React hooks and streaming utilities that make building AI applications a breeze.
  • axgen: A framework for connecting your data to large language models
  • axeval: A framework for evaluating LLM output quality

Getting started

The modules can be installed independently, for incremental adoption and bundle size minimization.

npm install @axflow/models
npm install axgen
npm install axeval
npm install @axflow/models
npm install axgen
npm install axeval


Here is an example open source UI showcasing what our first module, axgen, can do, with a short video walkthrough.